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Dawn of Iron Blades


Release date:
October 2004
Catalog ID:
NC 088
Version desc.:
Limited edition
No Colours Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
800 copies
8 reviews (avg. 83%)
Side A
1. Iron in the Fog 09:29   Show lyrics
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2. Semper Fidelis 09:28   Show lyrics
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3. Immortal Bloodline 07:26   Show lyrics
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Side B
4. To the North of Rubicon 07:41   Show lyrics
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5. Crown Heroic My Departure 06:09   Show lyrics
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6. While I Ride with the Valkyries 11:21   Show lyrics
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Band members
Rob Darken Everything
Miscellaneous staff
Puto Engineering, Mixing
Rob Darken Cover art, Engineering, Mixing
Rob Darken Everything
Puto Engineering, Mixing
Rob Darken Cover art, Engineering, Mixing
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Read Better 92% Berserker October 18th, 2004

Some lyrics written by Garhard III.

Track 2 is misprinted as "Semper Fidelix", this mistake was corrected on the newly recorded version.

Recording information:

Recorded at Eastclan Forge and DSP Studio on Autumn 2003.


Runout (Side A): NC 088 A K SST -10733-
Runout (Side B): NC 088 B K SST -10733-

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