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Destroyer / Incipit Satan


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Destroyer and Incipit Satan combined into 1 disc, Reissue
Icarus Music
None yet
1. Destroyer 03:49  
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2. Open the Gates 05:29  
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3. The Devil, the Sinner and His Journey 02:36  
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4. Om kristen og jødisk tru 04:47  
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5. På slagmark langt mot nord 05:08  
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6. Blodoffer 03:19  
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7. The Virginborn 08:15  
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8. Slottet i det fjerne (Darkthrone cover) 03:41   Show lyrics
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9. Incipit Satan 04:33  
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10. A World to Win 03:43  
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11. Litani til Satan 04:33  
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12. Unchain My Heart 04:47  
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13. An Excerpt of X 05:50  
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14. Ein eim av blod og helvetesild 03:09  
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15. Will to Power 04:28  
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16. When Love Rages Wild in My Heart 05:43  
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Comes with small two page booklet, with the back being a band picture. Inside the booklet, on the side where the picture for "Destroyer" is it says:

"Line up: Vrolok, Tormentor, Infernus."

"Booklet download:"

For the side of the booklet that has the "Incipit Satan" picture this is what follows:

"Line up: Infernus, Gaahl, Tormentor, Sjt. Erichsen and King Ov Hell."

"Incipit Satan was written, arranged, composed and re-arranged by Gorgoroth."

"Guestvocals on "When Love Rages Wild In My Heart" performed by Micky Faust. "
"An Excerpt of X" was done by Infernus and Infernus only."
"Synthparts on "A World to Win" by Daimonion and Herr Brandt,
and on "Incipit Satan" and "Unchain My Heart!!!" by Tormentor."
"Will to Power" was created in studio by Gaahl, Daimonion and King of Hell."

Recording information:

"Destroyer - or about how to philosophize with the hammer was recorded in Grieghallen Studio. It was engineered by Pytten.The Mixing-Process took place in Abyss Studio during the end of February 1998, and was done by Peter Tägtgren, Gaahl and Infernus."

"All titles were written and composed by Gorgoroth."

"'Slottet I Det Fjerne' was written by Fenriz for Darkthrone and appears originally in 'Transylvanian Hunger.'"

"Destroyer - or about how to philosophize with the hammer' was proudly produced by Infernus."

For the side of the booklet that has the "Incipit Satan" picture this is what follows:

"Recorded and mixed at Sunlight Studio in Stockholm during July/August and October 1999."
"Mastered in Polar Studios, Stockholm."
"Produced by Gorgoroth and Jocke."
"Engineered by Jocke."
"Guitarsoundtechnician: T. Skogsberg
"Mixed by Jocke, Infernus and Herr Brandt."
"Mastered by Mia, Infernus and Herr Brandt."
"Kutting, fixing, & trixing av Mia i Stockholm, og Herr Brandt pluss Gorgoroth, Bergen."
"Published by Prophecies Publishing."

"Booklet download:"


Barcode: 7 2736120362 7

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