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Gorgon > Back Street Killers
Gorgon - Back Street Killers

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Back Street Killers


Release date:
August 25th, 2019
Catalog ID:
BBTAD- 051
Buried by Time and Dust Records
3 12" vinyls (33⅓ RPM)
None yet
Disc 1
Side A
1. Cold Hearted Woman  
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2. Ice Angels (Bitches Sin cover)  
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3. Drifting Away  
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4. Running Blind (Bashful Alley cover)  
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5. Midnight Highway Rider  
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Side B
6. Ride like the Wind  
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7. Shadow of the Night  
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8. Flame Burns On (Axis cover)  
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9. A Lonely Man  
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10. (Heavy Metal) Force  
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Disc 2
Side A
1. Heavy Metal Mania (Holocaust cover)  
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2. Back Street Killer  
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3. Sheralee (Alien Heat/Soldier cover)  
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Savage  
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5. The Fox (Crucifixion cover)  
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6. Death Sentence (Crucifixion cover)  
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Side B
7. Valhalla  
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8. Waste My Love (High Treason cover)  
  (loading lyrics...)
9. Black Axe  
  (loading lyrics...)
10. Devil's Daughter  
  (loading lyrics...)
11. Rainbow Warrior (Bleak House cover)  
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Disc 3
Side A
1. Cold Heart Women (Heavy Metal Fever version)  
  (loading lyrics...)
2. Devil's Daughter   instrumental
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3. A Fool in Love  
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Eternal Light  
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Side B
5. Mion's Hill (Sabbat cover)  
  (loading lyrics...)
6. Spellbound  
  (loading lyrics...)
7. H.M.S.S.  
  (loading lyrics...)
8. Bad Girl  
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9. Highway Rider (Black Axe cover)  
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10. Magic  
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Shigeyuki Koide Bass, Vocals
Kenji Naruse Drums
Mutsuaki Suzuki Guitars
Noboru "Jero" Sakuma Guitars
Naoki Kudo Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Satoru Kawai Vocals
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Tracks are listed sequentially on the backcover.

Songs 1-2 originally appeared on Cold Hearted Woman 7" (1996)
Songs 3-6 originally appeared on Gorgon 7" (1997)
Songs 7-9 originally appeared on Shadow Of The Night 7" (1998)
Songs 10-11 originally appeared on Force 7" (1999)
Songs 12-13 originally appeared on Back Street Killer 7" (2000)
Songs 14-16 originally appeared on Savage The Fox 7" (2001)
Songs 17-19 originally appeared on The Soundhouse Tapes Part 3 7" (2002)
Songs 20-21 originally appeared on Devil's Daughter / Rainbow Warrior (2003)
Song 22 originally appeared on Heavy Metal Fever split 7" with Magnesium (1996)
Song 23 previously unreleased
Song 24 originally appeared on Rain of Terror / A Fool in Love split 7" with Sabbat (2001)
Song 25 originally appeared on Heavy Metal King Of Kings split 7" with Headlight (2003)
Song 26 originally appeared on A Homage To Sabbat - Sabbatical Worldwide Harmageddon (2001)
Song 27 originally appeared on Heavy Metal Fever - Volume II split 7" with Magnesium (2004)
Song 28 originally appeared on H.M.S.S. split 7" with Headlight (2004)
Songs 29-30 originally appeared on Bad Girl / Metal Coven split 7" with Wytchkraft (2005)
Song 31 originally appeared on Gypsy Goes With Wail split 7" with The True Werwolf (2014)


Matrix / Runout (Side A): PIRATES PRESS - DUST051 A 193343E1/A
Matrix / Runout (Side B): PIRATES PRESS - DUST051 B 193343E2/A
Matrix / Runout (Side C): PIRATES PRESS - DUST051 C 193343E3/A
Matrix / Runout (Side D): PIRATES PRESS - DUST051 D 193343E4/A
Matrix / Runout (Side E): PIRATES PRESS - DUST051 E 193343E5/A
Matrix / Runout (Side F): PIRATES PRESS - DUST051 F 193343E6/A

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