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Gods Tower > Raven Tales
Gods Tower - Raven Tales
Gods Tower discography (misc)
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Raven Tales

Gods Tower

Boxed set
Release date:
December 25th, 2013
Catalog ID:
PS 86
Possession Productions
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
None yet
1. Steel Says Last 01:04:30  
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2. The Turns 01:10:50  
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3. The Eerie 01:22:59  
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4. Old Towers 01:22:22  
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4xDLP boxed set including all Gods Tower full-length albums and demos.

- Steel Says Last includes the original album and "Ludzi na balocie" bonus track (Belarusian version of "People in the Swamp" song).
- The Turns includes the original album and Chemical Warfare's Demolition Tape demo from 1992. Gods Tower was previously known as Chemical Warfare.
- The Eerie includes the original album with "Beyond Praying" bonus track and 1994 Canticles demo.
- Old Towers includes the demo tapes The Eerie from 1993 and The Turns from 1995.

Comes in two versions:
- preorder version including 32-page biography/photo booklet, A2 poster, logo magnet, T-shirt and postcard.
- regular version including 32-page biography/photo booklet and A2 poster.

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