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Summon the Age of Supremacy

Godless North

Release date:
March 2001
Catalog ID:
Breath of Night Records
2 reviews (avg. 54%)
1. Intro 01:38  
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2. Glory of the Past Returns 06:19  
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3. Dark Skies over Vinland 05:55  
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4. Under the Veil of Night 07:24  
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5. Winter of Cleansing 07:15  
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6. Upon Heathen Battlefields 06:17  
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7. Dawn of a New Empire 07:50  
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8. Wisdom of the Ancient Cult / ...The Wolf Unleashed (Outro) 09:40  
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Band members
Othalaz von Armageddos Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lyrics, Songwriting
Oblak Ilking Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Derek Rockall Engineering
Christophe "Volvox" Szpajdel Logo
Frank Droll Layout
Abhorath Artwork
Othalaz von Armageddos Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lyrics, Songwriting
Oblak Ilking Drums
Read Bracing, violent,... 80% erebuszine April 22nd, 2013
Read Painfully lazy 28% Noktorn March 23rd, 2009

Distributed by Merciless Records.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered between March-April 2000 at Hellfire Recordings, except tracks 4 and 6, recorded on July 3 and 10, 1999, at Hellfire Recordings.

"Intro" and "...The Wolf Unleashed (Outro)" composed and performed by The Order Of The Wolf.

LP released by Sombre Records.
- Limited to 350 copies
- Omits the track "Dawn of a New Empire"

also released by Atramentum Productions as limited 2-tape boxset:

Tape 1
- Summon The Age Of Supremacy (2001)

Tape 2
- Tracks 1-4 : Only Human Ashes Are Real (Split, 2003)
- Track 5 : Black Metal Endsieg II
- Track 6 : Burzum cover song previously unreleased (2001)
- Tracks 7-11 : Dark Rites Of The Mystic Order (Demo, 1998)

Regular box limited 20 copies.
White die hard box limited 10 copies.

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