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Rites of Blasphemy


Release date:
August 8th, 2015
Catalog ID:
TR049 / SODP025
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Tribulacion Productions
500 copies
None yet
1. Evokation 00:56  
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2. Drowned in Black Vomit of the Goat Throat 01:46  
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3. Howling Winds of Pestilence and War 02:36  
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4. Rites of Blasphemy 02:56  
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5. Proclaiming the Rise of the Black Goat 03:08  
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6. Hells Supremacy 02:34  
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7. Incidents in the Impious Chamber 01:34  
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8. Sodomy and Ecstasy 02:36  
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9. End Time Prophecy 02:44  
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10. The Final Mass 03:08  
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Band members
Zdrobitor Drums
Necromancer Guitars, Bass
Golzarath Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Sebastian Brede Mastering
Golzarath Endmix
Barkayal Endmix
Christophe "Volvox" Szpajdel Logo
Black Deathsign Cover art
Necromancer Layout
Zdrobitor Drums
Necromancer Guitars, Bass
Golzarath Vocals
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Production information:
- Co-release with Symbol of Domination Prod..
- All songs and lyrics by Goatthroat.

Additional information:
- First 100 copies includes band sticker.

Recording information:

- Songs recorded in 2014.
- Vocals recorded at Endzeit Studios, in 2015.
- Endmix done at Endzeit Studios.

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