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Goatfago > True Occult Astronomy Part II
Goatfago - True Occult Astronomy Part II
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True Occult Astronomy Part II


Release date:
March 30th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Deathcamp Records
None yet
1. Sundown in Memory of Prime Nova Regula 03:07  
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2. Triumph of the Bell via Red Mercury 03:29  
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3. Map of the Universe with Venus in Center 01:35  
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4. The Hollow Voice of Dead Earth 03:29  
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5. Inside the Face on Mars 01:56  
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6. Praised Be Externum Jupiter Claves 04:19  
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7. At Necros Saturn Morbus Exos 03:48  
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8. Populated by Seven Goats of Uranus 01:12  
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9. Pluto Yuggoth of Black Stone and Death 22:27  
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Recording information:

Recorded in The Black Hole of Black Mastrobation November 2011

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