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Gnaw Their Tongues - Painforged / Gnaw Their Tongues
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Painforged / Gnaw Their Tongues

Gnaw Their Tongues / Painforged

Release date:
December 2009
Catalog ID:
Shadow 05
Version desc.:
Limited edition, CD-R, DVD case
Shadowgraph Records
100 copies
None yet
1. Painforged - The Achievement We Are the Crawling Filth Descended from This Planet and Our Own Funeral Creators 04:34  
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2. Painforged - A Confession of Worshipping the Depraved and Perverse Human Psyche in an Insalubrious and Pathological Context 12:53  
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3. Painforged - Grotesque Revelation of Anthropogenic Atrocitys Through Necrophilia and Cannibalism 13:24  
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4. Gnaw Their Tongues - Kaolo 05:20  
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5. Gnaw Their Tongues - Kaolo II 10:14  
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6. Gnaw Their Tongues - The Heads of Beasts Needed Sex 11:34  
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Band members
Gnaw Their Tongues
Mories Everything
Miscellaneous staff
Mories Mastering
Gnaw Their Tongues
Mories Everything
Mories Mastering
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Tracks 1-3 composed and recorded by P.F. in August / October 2009.
Tracks 4-6 recorded at The Bejaarde, Drachten, Netherlands, Autumn 2009.

Black CD-R. Carbon media.

The Gnaw Their Tongues tracks were later (January 2010) released as the download-only Kaolo EP through

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