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Glenmore > For the Sake of Truth
Glenmore - For the Sake of Truth
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Demo '96

For the Sake of Truth


Release date:
Catalog ID:
523 587-2
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1. Political Games 05:00   Show lyrics
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2. For the Sake of Truth 04:56   Show lyrics
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3. Lost in a Daydream 05:31   Show lyrics
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4. TV War 04:23   Show lyrics
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5. King of Almighty 04:46   Show lyrics
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6. Crime of This Time 05:31   Show lyrics
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7. Broken Eyes 04:45   Show lyrics
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8. Soldier of Fortune 04:17   Show lyrics
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9. Not Enough Song 01:35   instrumental
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10. My Way 03:36   Show lyrics
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11. Take a Look (Inside Your Heart) 04:56   Show lyrics
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12. Neverending 04:23   Show lyrics
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Band members
Markus Ratheiser Bass
Jürgen Volk Vocals
Jörg Michael Drums
Wolfgang Heuchert Guitars
Olaf Adami Guitars
Sascha Paeth Keyboards
Miscellaneous staff
Charlie Bauerfeind Producer
Sascha Paeth Keyboards
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Recording information:

Produced by Charlie Bauerfeind and Glenmore.
Co-produced by Sascha Paeth.
Executive producer: Frank Bornemann for Artist Station GmbH.

Recorded at R.A.S.H. Studio, Gelsenkirchen and Horus Sound Studio, Hannover, April -- May 1994.
Mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind at Horus Sound Studio, Hannover, may 1994.
Mastered by Charlie Bauerfeind.


Barcode: 731452358721

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