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21st Anniversary - Not That Innocent


Release date:
January 14th, 2002
Catalog ID:
Communiqué Records
None yet
1. Coming Your Way 03:24   Show lyrics
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2. Mad Mad Sister 03:53   Show lyrics
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3. A Love Too Far 03:12   Show lyrics
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4. Stay Wild 03:19  
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5. Knife 03:38   Show lyrics
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6. London 02:41   Show lyrics
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7. I Told You So 02:35   Show lyrics
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8. Have a Nice Day 03:28  
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9. Born to Be 03:34  
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10. Hooked 02:55  
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11. Little Green Men 03:16  
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12. Innocent 03:10   Show lyrics
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13. Everybody Does It 03:50   Show lyrics
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Kelly Johnson (R.I.P. 2007) Guitars, Vocals
Tracey Lamb Bass
Kim McAuliffe Vocals, Guitar
Jackie Chambers Guitars
Enid Williams Bass
Denise Dufort Drums
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