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Gigatron > Huracanes del Metal (Live in Donnington 97)
Gigatron - Huracanes del Metal (Live in Donnington 97)
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Huracanes del Metal (Live in Donnington 97)


Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Subterráneo Records
500 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Intro 01:12  
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2. El barco de colegas 02:29   Show lyrics
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3. Soy duro 02:42   Show lyrics
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4. Rebeldes de cuero 02:29   Show lyrics
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5. El poseso 02:26   Show lyrics
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6. Gigatron 02:25   Show lyrics
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7. A mí sólo me gusta el rock 02:40   Show lyrics
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Side B
8. Touch Me the Guitar 02:22   Show lyrics
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9. Sufrirás 01:17   Show lyrics
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10. Tú eres mi veneno 02:45   Show lyrics
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11. El templo del metal 03:15   Show lyrics
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12. Viva el kalimotxo 01:58   Show lyrics
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13. The peto el cacas 04:08   Show lyrics
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Mainly distributed in the city of Valencia (Spain).

The demo isn't actually live.

Fictional guests and staff (according to the layout):
Recorded live at Donington Park in front of 120,000 souls during the Touracanes del Metal Tour.
Remixed at Palangana Studios by Martin Birch and Estif Jarris (Steve Harris)
Special guest:
- Angus Llón (Angus Young) plays his diabolic solo on "Touch Me the Guitar"
- Ozzy Osborne (Ozzy Osbourne) does backing vocals on "Poseso".
- Tosiendo Mercado (Rosendo Mercado Ruiz) and Yosi (of Los Suaves fame) sing in "A mí solo me gusta el rock".
- José Luis Suárez and Carlos Kreator play guitar on "El templo del metal".
- "El Litros" (Luigi Casiotone) plays keys on "Te ví a petar el cacas".

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