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Giant of the Mountain > Moon Worship
Giant of the Mountain - Moon Worship

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Moon Worship

Giant of the Mountain

Release date:
February 25th, 2014
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Moon Worship 09:50   Show lyrics
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2. Spiral of the Serpent 05:59   Show lyrics
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3. Terror in It's Purest Form 06:14   Show lyrics
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4. Cult of the Moon 04:35   Show lyrics
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5. Flesh Divinity 04:49   Show lyrics
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6. Call to the Depths 07:03   instrumental
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7. Ending 02:00   instrumental
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Randi Matejowsky Drums
Cody Daniels Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Alexander Salazar Bass, Vocals
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"Ending" is a hidden track.

Artwork by Michael Sturrock / Rockwork.

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