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封印 ~Who In?~


Live album
Release date:
March 26th, 2000
Catalog ID:
Chicken George
None yet
Disc 1
1. 若草の君 (1999.10.29 Shibuya On Air West) 04:19   Show lyrics
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2. 脳内自殺 (1999.10.31 Kumagaya Vogue) 03:18   Show lyrics
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3. もしも私が世界のルールなら (1999.11.03 Sapporo Messe Hall) 04:47   Show lyrics
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4. Dogma (1999.11.07 Niigata Junk Box) 05:46   Show lyrics
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5. Meditation (1999.11.09 Nagano J) 03:45   Show lyrics
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6. Halleluyah (1999.11.19 Shizuoka Sunash) 04:11   Show lyrics
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7. 完全な毒を要求する (1999.11.21 Takaoka Mominoki House) 02:42   Show lyrics
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8. 永遠の連続 (1999.11.23 Kanazawa Van Van V4) 04:25   Show lyrics
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9. The Wall (1999.11.26 Kyoto Muse Hall) 04:17   Show lyrics
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10. 流転の世にて (1999.11.27 Osaka Big Cat) 09:33   Show lyrics
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Disc 2
1. 消滅 (1999.12.01 Okayama Pepper Land) 03:27   Show lyrics
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2. Genom (1999.12.02 Hiroshima Neopolice Hall) 03:25   Show lyrics
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3. 省略形達よ (1999.12.04 Oita Tops) 07:17   Show lyrics
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4. 空は青 (1999.12.05 Fukuoka Be-1) 04:45   Show lyrics
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5. 潜在的幻狂覚無差別覚醒菌感染者 (1999.12.07 Kumamoto Django) 04:11   Show lyrics
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6. 僕らはやがて水へとかえる (1999.12.10 Nagoya Heart Land) 07:56   Show lyrics
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7. Baby Cat (1999.12.24 Yokohama Club 24) 03:40   Show lyrics
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8. B.B (1999.12.25 Ichikawa Club Gio) 04:29   Show lyrics
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9. 風の街 (2000.01.05 Kobe Chicken George) 05:57   Show lyrics
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10. Bala 薔薇 Vara (2000.01.06 Kobe Chicken George) 03:29   Show lyrics
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11. Open the Gate (2000.01.15 Shibuya On Air East) 04:10   Show lyrics
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Kazuhisa "Kiba" Tochihara Vocals, Lyrics
Kentaro Yokota Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Kazuhiko "Yotaro" Yoshida Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Toshiyuki "Toshi" Sueyoshi Bass, Vocals (backing)
Katsuji Kirita Drums, Vocals (backing)
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Track title transliterations:

Disc 1:
1. Wakakusa No Kimi
2. Nounai Jisatsu
3. Moshimo Watashi Ga Sekai No Rule Nara
7. Kanzen Na Doku Wo Youkyuu Suru
8. Eien No Renzoku
10. Ruten No Yo Nite

Disc 2:
1. Shoumetsu
3. Shouryakukeitachi Yo
4. Sora Wa Ao
5. Senzaiteki Genkyoukaku Musabetsu Kakusei Kin Kansensha
6. Bokura Wa Yagate Mizu E To Kaeru
9. Kaze No Machi
10. Bala Bara Vara

Track title translations:

Disc 1:
1. You of the Young Grass
2. Suicide in the Brain
3. If I Am the Rules of the World
7. Demanding the Perfect Poison
8. Eternal Continuity
10. In The Protean World

Disc 2:
1. Annihilation
3. These Are Abbreviations
4. Sky is Blue
5. The Insidious Crazy Sense of Vision of One Infected with Indescriminate Awakening Bacteria
6. We Eventually Return to the Water
9. The City of Wind
10. In Pieces

"封印 ~Who In?~" (Fuuin ~Who In?~) translates to "The Seal ~Who In?~".

This live album features recordings from various shows during the 1999 Pre-Tournament21 tour. Each song is from a different gig.

"The Wall" is an early version of "未完成それとも不完全" from Future Drug.

Those who pre-ordered this album recieved a bonus disc with an early live version of "It's Battle Time".

Released in stores on May 29th, 2000.

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