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Gargoyle > 天地日月
Gargoyle - 天地日月
Gargoyle discography (misc)
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Boxed set
Release date:
July 10th, 2004
Catalog ID:
First Cell
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1. Disk 1   Show disc notes
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2. Disk 2: 10 Questions 思考の核   Show disc notes
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3. Disk 3: 終わりのはじまり~第壱章「仁」~   Show disc notes
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4. Disk 4: 終わりのはじまり~第弐章「帝」~   Show disc notes
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5. Disk 5: 終わりのはじまり ~第参章「鳳」~   Show disc notes
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6. Disk 6: 終わりのはじまり~第四章「鬼」~   Show disc notes
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7. Disk 7: 終わりのはじまり~第伍章「龍」~   Show disc notes
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8. Disk 8: 終わりのはじまり~最終章「神」~   Show disc notes
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9. Disk 9: 鬼神 ~実録「未来劇薬」~   Show disc notes
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10. Disk 10: 襲撃するは我にあり   Show disc notes
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This boxed set is a collection of (nearly) every video recording Gargoyle had released over the years, re-released in DVD format. Not included in this release are the Zanzou and Tantora Mantora VHS tapes.

Also comes with booklet including new photos and lyrics to Thanatos.

Disc 1 is a collection of most of Gargoyle's music videos, a new music video for "Thanatos", and most of their old live videos.
Discs 2 to 8 are from the Owari No Hajimari live video set.
Disc 2 also contains 10 interview questions for the band at the time of this boxset's release.
Discs 9 and 10 are also previously released live videos.
There is a bonus DVD only included with pre-orders, featuring a live performance of "Kamikaze Gang Dan ~Jibaku Yuugi~" and some comments from the band.

Disc 1:
Disc 2: 10 Questions - The core of Thoughts
Disc 3: The Beginning of the End, Chapter I: Humanity
Disc 4: The Beginning of the End, Chapter II: Emperor
Disc 5: The Beginning of the End, Chapter III: Phoenix
Disc 6: The Beginning of the End, Chapter IV: Demon
Disc 7: The Beginning of the End, Chapter V: Dragon
Disc 8: The Beginning of the End, Final Chapter: God
Disc 9: Fierce God ~Annal (Future Poison)~
Disc 10: We Are in a Raid

"天地日月" (Tenchi Nichigetsu) means "Heaven And Earth, Sun and Moon".

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