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Ganzmord > Monolithic in Darkness
Ganzmord - Monolithic in Darkness
Ganzmord discography (all)
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Monolithic in Darkness


Release date:
November 10th, 2005
Catalog ID:
3 reviews (avg. 49%)
1. Enemy of Humanity 05:53  
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2. Demoness of Whores 04:44  
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3. Ritual Misanthropic (Edit) 07:44  
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4. Ghost Unholy 05:49  
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5. As the Warmth Leaves Her Body 05:42  
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6. Black Monolithic 12:01  
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7. Punishment Made Flesh 05:10  
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8. Idol of Fear 06:06  
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9. Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover) 06:11   Show lyrics
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Band members
Ganzmord All instruments, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Archon SET-Eblis Remastering
Alyssa Davis Photography
Christophe "Volvox" Szpajdel Logo
Ganzmord All instruments, Vocals
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First official full length from Ganzmord. Contains the tracks from the "Enemy of Humanity" demo as well as 5 more tracks including a Darkthrone cover. All tracks were remastered for this release. There is also a limited edition 2-CD version available only from Ganzmord.

"Other notes: Zyklor does not play on this recording as noted on the inside, Ganzmord created all recordings on this CD alone. Also, the live photograph of Ganzmord on the inside of the insert was taken by Alyssa Davis!!!"

Recording information:

Recorded in the Winter of 2004/2005.

Remastered September 2005 at ACL Systems.


Barcode: 040080126665

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