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Lust for Live

Gamma Ray

Release date:
December 1993
Catalog ID:
NV 0030
Noise Records
None yet
1. Tribute to the Past 05:05   Show lyrics
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2. No Return 03:50   Show lyrics
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3. Interview - "Big Balls" 01:10  
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4. Changes 05:00   Show lyrics
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5. Insanity & Genius 04:00   Show lyrics
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6. Interview / Documentary 01:50  
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7. Last Before the Storm 04:07   Show lyrics
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8. Heal Me 07:00   Show lyrics
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9. Documentary "Recording Insanity & Genius" 05:00  
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10. Medley: I Want Out/Future World/Ride the Sky (Helloween) 04:15   Show lyrics
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11. Future Madhouse 03:45   Show lyrics
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12. Documentary "The Cave Principle" "Video Clip Shooting & Stage Setup" 04:36  
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13. Gamma Ray 05:20   Show lyrics
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14. Interview at the Venue 01:10  
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Jan Rubach Bass
Thomas Nack Drums
Kai Hansen Guitars, Vocals
Ralf Scheepers Vocals
Dirk Schlächter Guitars
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Recording information:

Recorded live on September 25th, 1993 at Docks in Hamburg, Germany.
Introduction and optional voiceover by journalist and radio DJ Malcom Dome.


Barcode: 4012283003001

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