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Gloomy Lights


Release date:
November 11th, 2004
Catalog ID:
Goat 16
Goatsucker Records
4 reviews (avg. 79%)
1. Endless Nauseous Days 05:48   Show lyrics
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2. Crucifixion 04:30   Show lyrics
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3. Tomurai: May Our Father Die 04:34   Show lyrics
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4. Beyond the Hate Red 02:51   Show lyrics
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5. Lost My Self 03:17   Show lyrics
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6. State of Gloom 03:57  
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7. Aloof and Proud Silence 05:18   Show lyrics
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8. Color of Coma 10:07  
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Vivian Slaughter Vocals, Bass
Mika Penetrator Vocals, Guitar
Risa Reaper Drums
Read Depraved Genius 82% XuL_Excelsi June 11th, 2010
Read Gallhammer - Gloomy Lights 75% ThrashManiacAYD June 5th, 2010
Read Quite good, if rather... 78% Noktorn October 10th, 2007
Read Gloomy Lights 80% JonaarS August 12th, 2006

The album "Gloomy Lights" was released in co-operation by the labels Hello From the Gutter, Bestial Burst, and Goatsucker Records.

Re-release scheduled for Feb 15th 2010 on Peaceville. Main disc features two bonus tracks and mail order edition includes bonus disc:

Bonus tracks:
9. Blossom in the Raven River
10. Lust Satan Death

Limited mail order edition bonus 6 track CD featuring:

1. Yokuatsu (Suppression) exclusive track
2. Crucifixion
3. Endless Nauseous Days (live)
4. Speed of Blood
5. World to Be Ashes
6. Blind My Eyes (live)

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