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Galderia > Return of the Cosmic Men
Galderia - Return of the Cosmic Men
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Return of the Cosmic Men


Release date:
July 21st, 2017
Catalog ID:
MAS CD0985
Massacre Records
None yet
1. Shining Unity 05:41  
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2. Blue Aura 04:03  
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3. Living Forevermore 04:40  
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4. High Up in the Air 04:10  
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5. Celestial Harmony 04:02  
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6. Wake Up the World 04:46  
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7. Legions of Light 04:30  
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8. Return of the Cosmic Men 05:34  
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9. Pilgrim of Love 05:01  
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10. Wake Up the World 2.0 05:27  
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J.C. Chicco Drums
Tom Schmitt Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars
Seb Chabot Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars
Bob Saliba Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars, Bass
Julien Digne Keyboards
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