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Funereal Presence > Achatius
Funereal Presence - Achatius
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Funereal Presence

Release date:
February 15th, 2019
Catalog ID:
SVR CD 022 / FLAME 113
Sepulchral Voice Records
None yet
1. Wherein Achatius Is Awakened and Called Upon 12:41   Show lyrics
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2. Wherein a Messenger of the Devil Appears 11:26   Show lyrics
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3. Wherein Seven Celestial Beasts Are Revealed to Him 11:07   Show lyrics
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4. Wherein Achatius Is Flogged to the Hills of Violation 13:18   Show lyrics
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Band members
Bestial Devotion Everything
Miscellaneous staff
VK Mastering
Bestial Devotion Everything
VK Mastering
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Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Höllenwahn Studios.

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