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Funeral Pyre > 5-Song Mini CD
Funeral Pyre - 5-Song Mini CD

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For Rats & Plague (Advance) / Advance LP 1994

5-Song Mini CD

Funeral Pyre

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1. Over the Firey Crest (Preserved in Flames) 04:07  
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2. Congressus Cum DaeMonie 03:10  
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3. Celtic Sun 02:28  
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4. In Scorn Defeat 04:34  
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5. Passages over a Tyrant's Victory 02:55  
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Vic Novak Drums
Black Priest Guitars (lead and rhythm), Vocals (lead)
Brian Sekula Vocals (lead), Guitars, Bass
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Pictured: The original cover for this demo, which was planned to be released by the band as an MCD called "5 Song Mini-CD". However, it never ended up being officially released and only a small quantity of dubbed clear tapes and CD-r's with the original art (pictured) were made for the band members. In the following years of being unreleased it came to be known as the "Passages Over A Tyrants Victory" demo, but no new art was ever made depicting this title, although some Dismal Records Advance CDs and Promos that preceded the 2012 compilation list the demo under this later title.

Of the few original tapes dubbed for the band members, some have the titles written in marker, and some have white printed labels showing the track list and basic information that the band had made and put onto the dubbed tapes (hence despite printed labels these are not pro-printed tapes). This demo was planned to be released as a MCD on Angel Dust Records (in 1997), but this release never happened. Was finally released (summer 2012) on CD complete with the first two demos on DISMAL RECORDS / PSYCHOSLAUGHTER records.

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