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Funeral Dust > Covered by a Snow Drift
Funeral Dust - Covered by a Snow Drift
Funeral Dust discography (demos)
Promo 2007
Funeral Dust discography (all)
Covered by a Snow Drift

Covered by a Snow Drift

Funeral Dust

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Wolf's Lair Records
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1. Battle Cry (Intro) 06:45  
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2. Covered by a Snow Drift 11:15  
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3. Return to the Freezing Winds (Carpathian Forest cover) 03:05   Show lyrics
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4. Awakening the Ancient Evil 06:01  
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5. Unholy Black Metal (Darkthrone cover) 04:39   Show lyrics
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6. Violanted by the Dark Forest 02:05  
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Band members
Wulv Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Dan K. Drums
Wulv Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Dan K. Drums
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Re-issued in January 2008 by Dead Moon Records with new logo on cover.

Re-issued in April of 2009 by Capcomia Studios/Wolf's Lair Records with some issues containing a signed poster by Wulv and a Funeral Dust sticker.

Re-issued in 2012 by Wolf's Lair Records on tape limited to 14 hand-numbered copies.

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