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Hail Hunderground! Vol.2.


Release date:
March 2010
Catalog ID:
Valse Sinistre Productions
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1. All My Sins Forgive 04:47  
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2. Advent of the Seven Curst Signs 08:30  
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Band members
Khrul All instruments, Vocals
Viktor Vágvölgyi Vocals
Márton Pelényi Vocals
László Fodor Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Khrul Mixing, Mastering
Khrul All instruments, Vocals
Khrul Mixing, Mastering
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This is not a split album but a collaboration.

1. All My Sins Forgive (with Arkhorrl from Aetherius Obscuritas)
2. Advent of the Seven Curst Signs (with Blizzard from Vorkuta)

Limited to 150 pieces

  • All My Sins Forgive
    Khrul: guitars, bass, music
    Arkhorrl: vocals, composition, effects
    Zson: drums
    Gergely Norbert: guitar fills, solo
    David Smith White & Arkhorrl: lyrics

    Mixed and mastered at Extreme Unction Studio, 2009, by Arkhorrl.
  • Advent Of The Seven Curst Signs
    Khrul: all instruments & music
    Blizzard: vocals & lyrics

    Mixed and mastered at Kyron Studio, 2009, by Khrul.
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