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Fuck the Facts > Four0ninE
Fuck the Facts - Four0ninE
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Fuck the Facts

Release date:
August 9th, 2001
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
3" CD-R, Limited edition
Ghetto Blaster
99 copies
None yet
1. Released 00:22  
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2. Whisper Dependency 02:03  
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3. Roach 02:17  
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4. Lack of Imagination 01:02  
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5. 409 (The Beach Boys cover) 02:13  
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Topon Das Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Shomir Das Bass
Matt Connell Drums, Vocals (backing)
Tim Audette Guitars
Brent Christoff Vocals
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Hand-numbered copies.

Topon was talking Mortuary I.O.D. into doing a split 7" with his other band at the time, Recondite. But Recondite kicked Topon (and Matt Connell) out. Topon then decided, since he was the one doing the band's negotiations with Mortuary I.O.D., that he would do the split with FTF instead. Five songs were originally recorded for the release, but due to money transaction problems, it never happened. So FTF decided to release the songs on their own on this which is now known as the "Four0ninE" ep.

This is FTF's second release as a full band, this time with a vocalist.

Shomir left the band just weeks after recording these songs.

Recording information:

Recorded in May, 2001 at Total Bastard Studio.

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