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Frozen Mist > The Underground Journey of Darkj
Frozen Mist - The Underground Journey of Darkj
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The Underground Journey of Darkj

Frozen Mist

Release date:
September 21st, 2013
Catalog ID:
Wolf's Lair Records
None yet
1. Frozen Mist - Back from the Dead  
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2. Frozen Mist - Sacrament  
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3. Frozen Mist - Symphonies of My Beloved  
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4. Frozen Mist - Memoria of Vile Degredations  
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5. Frozen Mist - Doused in Eve  
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6. Brumous - Crepuscule  
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7. Frozen Mist - Dead Winter's Hollow  
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8. Mournful Cries Wept Mist - Canescent  
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9. Brumous - Adorn  
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10. Frozen Mist - The Exorcist  
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11. Funeral Dust - Goat  
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12. Mournful Cries Wept Mist - Mezmerize  
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DVD Documentary filmed and edited at Capcomia Studios by Darkj.

Darkj, the sole creator of Frozen Mist, walks you thru the underground of his music career. Starting from the very beginnings even before Frozen Mist was started, this DVD documentary includes pretty much everything that Darkj has been thru, explaining his discography of Frozen Mist albums and various side projects. Darkj's highlights include his various genre changes, the MMP Movement, the initiation into the Wolf's Lair and the induction of Wulv into Frozen Mist. The DVD also includes 12 official music videos from Frozen Mist and other various side projects that Darkj has been included in.

Bonus material includes Darkj's Beginning: "The Mazzey Years" (1994-2001), 2004 Frozen Mist Short Promotional Clips, Image Gallery (2004-2012), and Darkj & Wulv's Improvised Jam (October 2012).

Catalog Release: WLR-012
DVD9 Dual Layer - Approximate Running Time: 2 hours 41 minutes.
NTSC, Region 1.

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Added on: 2013-09-20 22:05:36 Last modified on: 2015-11-25 07:02:10