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Frozen Mist > Hail Fucking Darkness
Frozen Mist - Hail Fucking Darkness
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Hail Fucking Darkness

Frozen Mist

Release date:
September 4th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Capcomia Records
None yet
1. Hail Fucking Darkness 07:00  
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2. Nocturnal Winds Decay 04:38  
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3. The Haunted Forest 08:12  
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4. Evil Cenotaph 10:18  
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5. GjallarbrĂș 03:42  
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6. Rivers of Blood 06:32  
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7. Grimness 11:49  
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8. Abyss of Shadows 09:02  
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9. Hel 07:49  
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10. Untitled 01:45  
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11. Det Som En Gang Var - outro (Burzum cover) 05:10  
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Darkj ▼ composer

Linear Notes:

This is an unofficial, unreleased demo that consists of all instrumental tracks that were going to be used for the next Frozen Mist album entitled "Hail Fucking Darkness". It was in August 2010 that Darkj decided to start over by writing brand new tracks for the next full-length album to be slated for release in 2011. Some tracks and guitar riffs from this demo will possibly appear on the next full-length. This demo starts the transition of Frozen Mist's genre to Dark Horror/Black Metal.

Frozen Mist Logo by Christophe Szpajdel.

Music composed by Darkj at Capcomia Studios
between March-May 2010.
Mastered by Darkj in September 2010 at Capcomia Studios.

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Added on: 2010-09-04 19:06:48 Last modified on: N/A