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Antiquity I: The Dark Gothic Fantasy Stages (2004-2008)

Frozen Mist

Release date:
September 13th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Wolf's Lair Records
None yet
Disc 1
1. Broken Wings of the Succubus 05:28  
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2. The Hidden Relic of Seduction 10:22  
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3. Isolation Cyclone 05:31  
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4. Black Widow 13:00  
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5. Hallow's Eve 05:28  
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6. Dawn Breaks 06:38  
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7. Stagnant 05:49  
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8. Crystalize 07:58  
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9. I, Hallucinate 02:05  
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Disc 2
1. Morrigan's Lament 07:22  
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2. Pain Acre 09:02  
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3. Symphonies of My Beloved 04:26  
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4. Ghost Canvas 10:16  
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5. Midnight Arrives / Unite Thru Death 03:36  
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6. Dysphoria 10:54  
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7. The Firefly Field 06:27  
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8. Dead Winter's Hollow 05:01  
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9. Embroidered in Darkness 09:54  
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A 2-Disc Compilation set from Frozen Mist.

Compiled by Darkj, September 2011.

Tracks taken from Nightmares of the Autumn Succubus (2004) to Dark Seasons of Sorrow (2008).


Jamie "Darkj" Stonge - music composer, vocals and all lyrics

-Session Members-

Taryn Graybeal - female vocals on "Dawn Breaks"
Kathryn Lough - female vocals on "I, Hallucinate"
Matt Dunkleberger - co-composer on "Morrigan's Lament" and "Pain Acre"
Sofia Baklatzi - female vocals on "Pain Acre"
Katarina Rose - female vocals on "Dysphoria"
Jessica Schlotter - female vocals on "The Firefly Field"
Richard Baysinger - lead guitar on "Embroidered In Darkness"
S. Lee Baysinger - female vocals on "Embroidered In Darkness"

Distributed online for free by Wolf's Lair Records, WLR-010

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