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Foscor > Deu anys vers la Foscor
Foscor - Deu anys vers la Foscor
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Deu anys vers la foscor
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Deu anys vers la foscor

Deu anys vers la Foscor


Release date:
January 28th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition, A5 sized deluxe digifile
250 copies
None yet
1. Groans to the Guilty 06:06  
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2. Raids to Punishment 04:35  
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3. El palau dels plors 06:39  
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4. Searching a Seal of Pain (The Beauty) 04:05  
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5. The Smile of the Sad Ones 05:35  
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6. Al cor de la boscúria 06:24  
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7. The Other’s Voice 05:19  
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8. I tornà de les cendres 06:07  
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9. Melangia 06:30  
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10. 10 Years Documentary 24:11  
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11. I tornà de les cendres (video) 06:01  
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Fiar Bass, Vocals
Nechrist Drums
Falke Guitars
Wilkhiem Guitars
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Produced by Foscor & Darkwoods.

Dvd authoring by Adrià Escanilla.
Artwork & layout by el dios perezoso for PuertaOskura (, January 2012.
Cover Etching “Nous Sommes Condamnés À Être Libres” by Cynthia Meier-Dusol for Thorny Thoughts (
Commemorative Poster’s Art Direction by Foscor. Design by Ideophony ( based on a Funeral Stone created by Catalonian Architect J. Puig I Cadafalch in 1897.

All “Live in Barcelona” music written & arranged by Foscor 2001-2010.
Logo & Phoenix Icon conceived by Foscor and inspired on the Catalonian's Modernist Art Period.

Recording information:

Live show recorded in Barcelona at Sala KGB on Saturday the 6th, March 2010, during the Fosc Negre Metall Mort Tour.
Live audio and video edited, mixed and mastered by Falke.
”10 Years Documentary” edited and mixed by Falke.
All audio and video material owned by Foscor.
Music video “I Tornà de les Cendres” directed, edited & mixed by Falkein 2008.

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