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Forlorn Citadel > Ashen Dirge of Kingslain
Forlorn Citadel - Ashen Dirge of Kingslain
Forlorn Citadel discography (all)
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Ashen Dirge of Kingslain

Forlorn Citadel

Release date:
January 24th, 2020
Catalog ID:
NSP 178
Version desc.:
Limited edition, Digipak
Northern Silence Productions
500 copies
None yet
1. Glimmering Hearth to Ages Rekindled 01:57   instrumental
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2. Forthwith Thine Guildhelm Strong 05:18  
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3. Ancient Keepers of Unending Entombment 07:30  
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4. Ashen Dirge of Kingslain 07:18  
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5. Below the Grey Mist, Above the Forgotten 02:16   instrumental
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6. Blade Pried Whom'st Grasp Unyielding 04:52  
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7. Beholden to Griefborn and Veinroot 07:39  
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8. Conquering the Gate of Kazuth-Dol (demo) 04:45  
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Band members
Solace Everything
Miscellaneous staff
Northern Silence Layout
Dan Capp Logo
Solace Everything
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Songs written late 2018 to mid 2019.

Paintings by Carl Georg Adolph Hasenpflug (cover/CD: "Kreuzgang im Winter mit Blick auf Kloster Walkenried!"; inside: "Winter Landscape with Romanesque Ruins", 1827; back cover: "Ruine des Klosters Heisterbach", 1845.


Barcode: 4270000932113

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