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Orthodox Path of Worship

Forbidden Eye

Release date:
September 29th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Talheim Records
100 copies
None yet
1. Intro 01:07  
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2. Faith Is Sacrifice 05:51  
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Orthodox Path of Worship 04:25  
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Satan Is Timeless 05:44  
  (loading lyrics...)
5. Forbidden Eyes 07:26  
  (loading lyrics...)
6. The Coming Terror of Jehovah's Desire 05:25  
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7. Mysteries of Darkness 04:14  
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8. Outro 01:22   instrumental
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Nocturnus Dominus All instruments
Winter Vocals
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Available in one of these bundles:
- Tape + Patch, limited to 50 copies;
- Tape + Patch + Shirt, limited to 50 copies.

Hand numbered copies.

CD released by BergStolz. Comes with a bonus track:
9. Tempered in the Furnace of Truth

Recording information:

Recorded at Temple of Bones Studio January 2011.

Mixed and mastered by Forbidden Eye.

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