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Flesh Grinder > Libido Corporis
Flesh Grinder - Libido Corporis
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Libido Corporis

Flesh Grinder

Release date:
January 2001
Catalog ID:
DMS CD 020
Version desc.:
Demise Records
1 review (avg. 78%)
1. Intro (Neisseria Gonorrhoeae) 01:18  
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2. Inflamed Rectum from Anal Intercourse 04:09   Show lyrics
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3. Cryptosporidiosis: Profuse Watery Diarrhea 02:56  
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4. Ureoplasma Urealyticum 01:04   Show lyrics
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5. Partial Cancerous Collectomy 02:43  
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6. Synopsis of Cytomegatovirus Infection 00:38   Show lyrics
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7. Sterilize with Severe Vasectomy 01:41  
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8. Intense Vascular Engorgement 03:46  
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9. Treponema Pallidum in Penial Discharge 02:15   Show lyrics
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10. Aroma of an Open Gall-Bladder 02:44  
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11. Cadaveric Debauchery of Pathologist 02:27  
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12. Vaginitis Due to Vaginal Infection 01:38   Show lyrics
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13. Raped Embalmed Beauty Sleep (Demilich cover) 05:43  
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14. Disruption of the Samatognosia 02:10  
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RAM The Butcher Bass, Vocals
Johnny R.R. Drums
FAMG Necromaniak Guitars, Vocals
Chacal Guitars, Vocals
Read Grinding Away 78% scuddapop May 5th, 2008

Enhanced content:
- "Disruption of the Samatognosia" video (2:16)

Last album recorded with Johnny and Chacal.
The strange looking mess on the cover is an aborted fetus in a bucket.

2,3,6,8,9,12 by Chacal
4,5,7,10,11,14 by Fabio

Female voices: Angela
Knives: Fabio
Keyboards: Chacal

video clip:
Camera: Daniel Henriques, editing: Giorgio Krenkel, lights: William

Recording information:

Recorded at Clinica Studios, Curitiba - Brazil, Oct 2000.
Recorded and Mixed by Edson.
Produced by Edson and FleshGrinder.

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