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Summon the Dead


Release date:
Catalog ID:
FM 53
FM Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
1 review (avg. 85%)
Side A - R.I.P. I
1. Eastern Front 04:43   Show lyrics
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2. Summon the Dead 03:10   Show lyrics
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3. Kill for Mummy 03:12   Show lyrics
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4. Alcohol and Beer 02:24   Show lyrics
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Side B - R.I.P. II
5. Legend II (The Demon's Mind) 07:24   Show lyrics
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6. Legions of Death 03:01   Show lyrics
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7. Avenger 05:14   Show lyrics
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8. Slaughterhouse 02:15   Show lyrics
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9. Ballad of a Skinbeating Maniac 00:33   instrumental
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Band members
Andy Kirk Bass
Chris "R.B. Lee" Kirk Guitars
George Adrian Drums
Alex Ossek Vocals
Athan Skitsos Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
George Engineering
Francisco Engineering
George Engineering
Francisco Engineering
Read Still a great album 85% girionis April 16th, 2008

The original greek pressing has an insert. The license pressing by Black Dragon Records for the EU market does not have the insert.

Bootlegged by Unisound Records in 2001 together with the "Last Prophecy" album on 1 CD.

"Kill for Mummy" contains melody from the Russian song "Kalinka", originally composed by Ivan Larionov in 1860.

"Alcohol and Beer" contains part of a German drinking song called "Bier Her".

Recording information:

Produced by The Flames.
Engineered by George & Francisco.
Recorded at Tracks Recording Studio, Athens, Greece.
Illustration & Artwork by G.D.S L.T.D.

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