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Flageladör > Assalto da Motosserra
Flageladör - Assalto da Motosserra
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Satã Clama Metal

Assalto da Motosserra


Release date:
November 27th, 2014
Catalog ID:
Obskure Chaos Distro
None yet
1. Assalto da Motosserra 03:26   Show lyrics
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2. Sob o Machado do Algoz 03:36   Show lyrics
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3. Crepúsculo dos Deuses 04:18   Show lyrics
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4. Missão Metal 04:54   Show lyrics
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5. ...e Eles Retornam 04:27   Show lyrics
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6. Caminhando para a Morte 03:34   Show lyrics
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7. Vontade de Potência 02:26   Show lyrics
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8. Vingança 06:00   Show lyrics
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Band members
Armando Exekutor Vocals, Guitars
André Necrolust Bass
Gabriel "Bitch Hünter" Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Sauron Layout
Gabriel "Bitch Hünter" Producer, Mixing, Mastering
Sauron Layout
Gabriel "Bitch Hünter" Producer, Mixing, Mastering
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Co-released with Vënënö Sönörö Records and Metal Reunion Records Extreme Division.

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