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Fistula > The Process of Opting Out
Fistula - The Process of Opting Out
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The Process of Opting Out


Release date:
May 9th, 2020
Catalog ID:
BTM 21
Version desc.:
Two colours
Behind the Mountain
12" vinyl
None yet
Side A
1. Costa Doing Business 02:58  
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2. Ratpiss 02:14  
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3. Cerebral Conflikt 02:16  
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4. Finkbinder 01:57  
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5. Evilspeak 03:51  
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Side B
6. Morbid Incel 02:12  
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7. Gods of Rock 02:18  
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8. Whore Cancer 04:59  
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9. Suicide Priest 02:19  
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10. Malignatorium 04:31  
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Miscellaneous staff
Billy Anderson Producer
Billy Anderson Producer
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Artwork by Pat (Instagram: @pariah_1973)

Available on black and white/black marbled vinyl. The marbled version is a misprint and differs from what was ordered by the label, which should have been white inside black.

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