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Dagor Dagorath / Firth of Damnation > Times of Distress
Dagor Dagorath / Firth of Damnation - Times of Distress
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Firth of Damnation discography (all)
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Times of Distress

Dagor Dagorath / Firth of Damnation

Release date:
August 2007
Catalog ID:
Sabbathid Records
None yet
Side A
1. Firth of Damnation - Tides of Leviathan 05:15  
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2. Firth of Damnation - Longing for Dawn 04:02  
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3. Firth of Damnation - In the Vain of Thee 04:28  
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4. Firth of Damnation - Flames in the Skies Over Bethlehem 03:19  
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5. Firth of Damnation - Eve of Armageddon 03:11  
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Side B
6. Dagor Dagorath - Intro 01:48   instrumental
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7. Dagor Dagorath - Fate of Slaves 03:39  
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8. Dagor Dagorath - In the Flames of Bonefires 04:52  
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9. Dagor Dagorath - The First Battle 05:33  
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10. Dagor Dagorath - Times of Distress 04:13  
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11. Dagor Dagorath - Outro 02:01   instrumental
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Firth of Damnation
Nazgul Vathron (R.I.P. 2015) All instruments, Vocals
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Released on cassette to an unknown number of copies. The cassette inlays are double sided.

Even though the split is titled as "Times of Distress", it is in fact only Dagor Dagorath's side that is titled as that, the same as on their split with Azagatel. The Firth of Damnation side of the split is untitled.

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