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Firstborn Evil > The Awakening of Evil
Firstborn Evil - The Awakening of Evil
Firstborn Evil discography (all)
Rebirth of Evil

The Awakening of Evil

Firstborn Evil

Release date:
October 5th, 1996
Catalog ID:
Sword Productions
None yet
Side A
1. Curse of the Noldorin (Intro) 01:35  
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2. A Legacy of Moonlit Lycanthropy 08:42  
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3. Passion, Desire... and Blood (Act I: Opus Sanguinae) 05:27  
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Side B
4. The Mistress and Her Deceiving Beauty 05:26  
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5. Passion, Desire... and Blood (Act II: Vampyric War) 09:20  
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Glaurung Vocals
Nyx Guitars, Programming
Helskir Keyboards
Iblis Bass
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Available for download from Portugal Underground.

Note: The moniker "Iblis" was used by two different bass players in the band. The Iblis who appears on this recording is *not* the same Iblis who played bass for the band later on.

The bass lines of The Rebirth of Evil were made by Nyx, since Iblis left the band several times before the recording of it.

Recording information:

Recorded in May 1996 at Som Latino Studios (Lisboa, Portugal).

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