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Beyond Hell's Gate

Final Axe

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Side A - Act 1
1. Beyond Hell's Gate   Instrumental
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2. Baptized in Blood   Show lyrics
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3. Are You Ready?   Show lyrics
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4. No Time to Die   Show lyrics
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5. Soldier of Comprimise   Show lyrics
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Side B - Act 2
6. Close to Deliverance   Show lyrics
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7. :45 Scream   Instrumental
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8. Thrown in the Fire   Show lyrics
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9. War Cry   Show lyrics
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10. Don't Run Away   Show lyrics
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This original cassette version featured a drum machine.

Re-released in 2005 by Retroactive Records Records with remixed and remastered songs, as well as different artwork (depicted below).

1989 version re-released on vinyl by Steel Legacy Records in 2006 (500 copies only).

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