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Fierce Allegiance > Strength Through Defiance
Fierce Allegiance - Strength Through Defiance
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Into the Fire
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Into the Fire

Strength Through Defiance

Fierce Allegiance

Release date:
December 20th, 2002
Catalog ID:
Revolution Records
None yet
1. Die Fighting   Show lyrics
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2. Strength Through Defiance  
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3. The First and the Last  
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4. Metaphor  
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5. Through the Midnight Spheres  
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6. Breach of Trust  
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7. Subjective  
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Interesting fact: This album is numbered 004 on Revolution Records. It was actually the second release with Take the streets being the first, but numbered 003. John Flaherty had intended to release State of Revolution vol.1 and Original Sin vol. 1 as 001 and 002. However, he gathered bands to be on the comp, took their money and never released them. He then numbered subsequent releases as if these compilations had actually come out.

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