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Fejd > Huldran
Fejd - Huldran

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1. Vårstäv 01:44   Show lyrics
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2. Äring 04:25   Show lyrics
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3. Huldran 04:06   Show lyrics
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4. Jären 03:40  
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5. Bed för din själ 05:45   Show lyrics
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6. Rimfaxe 02:40  
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7. Ödemark 00:56  
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Thomas Antonsson Bass
Patrik Rimmerfors Vocals, Bouzouki, Hurdy-gurdy, Mouth harp, Recorder, Swedish bagpipes, Willow flute, Recorder, Cow horns
Esko Salow Drums
Lennart Specht Keyboards
Niklas Rimmerfors Vocals, Moraharpa
Read How To Build The Perfect... 70% GuyOne March 6th, 2006

The Huldra

1. Spring stem
3. The Huldra
5. Ask For Your Soul
7. Wilderness

'The special limited version of 'Huldran' (containing all the tracks from 'I en tid som var' as a bonus) is permanently out of stock, but will be available in a few month through iTunes and other digital services.' Digital tracklisting:

01. Vårstäv-Äring *
02. Huldran
03. Jären
04. Bed För Din Själ
05. Rimfaxe
06. Ödemark
07. Arv
08. I en tid som var...
09. Yggdrasil
10. Ryttaren
11. Arv (Remixed Bonus Track)*

*: different from the versions of the songs originally on Huldran/I En Tid Som Var. Track 11 is not the "short version" of Arv, but a different edit of the song.

Tracks 1 and 2 were later re-recorded and used on the band's 2010 "Eifur" album.
Track 5 was re-recorded and used on the 2016 "Trolldom" album.

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