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Faxed Head - Faxed Head
Faxed Head discography (misc)
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Faxed Head discography (all)
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Faxed Head

Faxed Head

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Stomach Ache
7" vinyl
None yet
Side A
1. Element of Life 02:39  
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2. January's Here 01:43  
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Side B
3. Rotten Cakes 03:16  
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4. McPatrick's Lament 00:26  
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5. Big Ol' Cheese 01:57  
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6. Bay's Ball/New One's 01:12  
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Band members
Neck Head Guitars
McPatrick Head Vocals
Graph Head Bass
Washington DC Head Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Scott Bunrs Producer
Scott Bunrs Producer
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The title of the EP is an intentional misspelling of the band's name with the last letter missing. The producer credit in the liner notes is actually "Scott Bunrs", not the more famous "Scott Burns".

Recording information:

Recorded At – Whackass Fruit Studios
Recorded At – Fucking Studios

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