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Perfect Symmetry Pre-Production Demos

Perfect Symmetry Demos

Fates Warning

Release date:
December 1988
Catalog ID:
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1. A World Apart  
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2. At Fates Hands  
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3. Chasing Time  
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4. Part of the Machine  
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5. Nothing Left to Say  
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Jim Matheos Guitars
Frank Aresti Guitars
Ray Alder Vocals
Joe DiBiase Bass
Steve Zimmerman Drums (tracks 4-5)
Mark Zonder Drums (tracks 1-3)
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Also available on the special edition of the same album.

Recording information:

Recorded over two time periods, towards the end of 1988 when they were preparing for their fifth album, "Perfect Symmetry".

The first three tracks were recorded in December 1988 on the 1-800-RICELINE four-track in CT and CA, while the last two were recorded in October of that year in CT with Steve Zimmerman on drums.

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