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Chasing Time

Fates Warning

Release date:
July 25th, 1995
Catalog ID:
Metal Blade Records
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1. Monument 06:17   Show lyrics
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2. The Apparition 05:49   Show lyrics
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3. Through Different Eyes 04:20   Show lyrics
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4. Point of View 04:59   Show lyrics
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5. Prelude to Ruin 07:22   Show lyrics
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6. Quietus 04:07   Show lyrics
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7. Eye to Eye 04:06   Show lyrics
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8. Guardian 07:31   Show lyrics
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9. At Fates Fingers 04:47   instrumental
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10. Silent Cries 03:17   Show lyrics
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11. We Only Say Goodbye (Remix) 04:52   Show lyrics
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12. Damnation 06:23   Show lyrics
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13. Circles 05:17  
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14. The Eleventh Hour 08:53   Show lyrics
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Read An actual beer coaster... 15% autothrall February 10th, 2010

CD booklet includes commentary on the included songs by the band members.

All tracks are album versions except 11 and 13.

'At Fates Fingers' is a re-worked version of 'At Fates Hands' without the vocal section, plus a few new solos and harmonies.

'Circles' is an unreleased track from 1993; some parts were later used for songs of the Inside Out album.

There's a short hidden track at the end of the album, a few seconds of "Monument" with Ray Alder mangling up the words and swearing.

Titled after the song on Perfect Symmetry


Barcode: 039841408522

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