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Fall of the Idols > Ascension 2000-2007
Fall of the Idols - Ascension 2000-2007
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Solemn Verses

Ascension 2000-2007

Fall of the Idols

Release date:
November 6th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Ghouls Night Out Records
None yet
1. Burnt 02:47  
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2. In the Mires 03:58  
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3. Cruelty Without Beauty 03:29  
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4. Per Aspera Ad Aspera 03:23  
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5. Crawl Back in My Hole 05:12  
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6. Halls of the Forgotten 05:58  
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7. The Walk 04:45  
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8. Beneath the Burning Sun 09:06  
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9. Ascension 06:10  
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10. Empire 06:50  
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11. The Pathway (live) 15:33  
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Vesa Karppinen Bass, Vocals (track 1)
Jyrki Hakomäki Drums (tracks 1-8), Vocals (tracks 2-11)
Tommi Turunen Guitars
Rami Moilanen Guitars (tracks 5-11)
Jouni Sihvonen Guitars (tracks 6-11)
Panu Paunonen Vocals (track 5)
Hannu Weckman (R.I.P. 2011) Drums (tracks 9-11)
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Compilation of the band's early demos, plus a live track. Booklet includes track-by-track commentary.

The cover references that of The Doors' album L.A. Woman.

Recording information:

Track 1 recorded in 2001, from the demo "Per Aspera Ad Aspera" (second edition).
Tracks 2-4 from "Demo 2002".
Track 5 from the demo "Fall of the Idols" (2004).
Tracks 6-8 from the demo "Agonies Be Thy Children" (2005).
Track 9 from the demo "The Pathway" (2005).
Track 10 was made for the "Metal On Metal II" compilation.
Track 11 is a live performance recorded with a simple stereo microphone in Tornio in 2007.

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