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Falkenbach > ...en their medh riki fara...
Falkenbach - ...en their medh riki fara...
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...magni blandinn ok megintíri...
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...magni blandinn ok megintíri...

...en their medh riki fara...


Release date:
July 29th, 1996
Catalog ID:
NC 008
No Colours Records
5 reviews (avg. 96%)
1. Galdralag 06:17  
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2. Heathenpride 08:40   Show lyrics
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3. Laeknishendr 06:15   Show lyrics
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4. Ultima Thule 03:21   Show lyrics
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5. Asum ok Alfum naer... 07:43   instrumental
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6. Winternight 04:20   Show lyrics
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7. ...into the Ardent Awaited Land... 06:00   Show lyrics
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Band members
Vratyas Vakyas Everything
Miscellaneous staff
Vratyas Vakyas Artwork
F. Tümmers Artwork
P. Tümmers Artwork
Christophe Szpajdel Logo
Vratyas Vakyas Everything
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"...en their medh riki fara... ("...en þeir með ríki fara...") is a line from Hávamál, Poetic Edda, and translates as "...and in glory will they go...".

There are two CD versions of this album. The first came with a picture of Vratyas in the booklet. Due to the album booklet's poor quality, the booklet was changed for the second version.

The song 'Galdralag' is a re-recording of the song with the same name from the 'Promo 1995' demo.

The song 'Laeknishendr' appeared in early forms on the 'Laeknishendr' and 'Promo 1995' demos. It was re-recorded once more for the 'Heralding - The Fireblade' album in 2005, with a slight alteration to the spelling of the title ("Læknishendr").

The song '...into the Ardent Awaited Land...' first appeared on the "...skínn af sverði sól valtíva..." demo, and as an acoustic re-recording for the "Ok nefna tysvar Ty" album.

A remake of the song "Ultima Thule" (titled "Return to Ultima Thule") was included as a bonus track on the limited edition of the 2013 'Asa' album.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed between 18-21 December 1995 and 07-09 March 1996 at Blue House Studio.


Matrix / Runout: FALKENBACH P+O-28927-A2 06-96
Other (Mastering SID Code): IFPI L961

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