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My Name is Scum Expurgo Discography (1999-2013)


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Grindfather Productions
None yet
1. Putrifocinctor - Xoriume / Fecume (7 Tracks)  
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2. Grey Waste (21 Tracks)  
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3. Split with Shattered Dead (7 Tracks)  
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4. Split with Submerged Cadaver (8 Tracks)  
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5. Deaf Grind Gourmet Split CD (3 Tracks)  
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6. Split with Dead Fetus Collection (5 Tracks)  
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7. Refluxo Excatologico Split CD (7 Tracks)  
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8. Burial Ground Full CD (29 Tracks)  
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9. Split with Blue Holocaust (4 Tracks)  
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10. Split with M. D. K. (12 Tracks)  
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11. Split with Syphilitic Abortion (5 Tracks)  
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12. Undead - Tribute to Disrupt (1 Track)  
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13. Siege of Grind - Brazilian Tribute to Napalm Death (1 Track)  
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Anderson Drums
Philipe Guitars, Vocals
Egon Vocals (lead)
Leandro Bass
Bruno Bass
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