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A Lesson in Violence
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A Lesson in Violence

Rehearsal '83


Release date:
July 1983
Catalog ID:
2 reviews (avg. 55%)
Side A
1. Bonded by Blood 02:58   Show lyrics
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2. Death Row 03:14  
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Side B
3. Hell's Breath 03:05   Show lyrics
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4. Die by His Hand 03:29   Show lyrics
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5. No Love 04:58   Show lyrics
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Paul Baloff (R.I.P. 2002) Vocals
Gary Holt Guitars
Rick Hunolt Guitars
Rob McKillop Bass
Tom Hunting Drums
Read What a bloody mess. 30% PhantomLord86 August 30th, 2007
Read Bonded by... almost! 79% UltraBoris December 29th, 2002

From an age when bands were far more cavalier in letting out random stuff. Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt on guitar. Never really meant as a demo, but released anyway since it had some new, different-sounding material from the 1982 demo.

Notable for "Die by His Hand" which had a lot of riffs that later showed up on a certain Metallica song.

"Hell's Breath" was re-recorded in 2008 on "Let There Be Blood" (a re-recording of "Bonded by Blood").

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