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Exodus > Live at the DNA 2004 *Official Bootleg*
Exodus - Live at the DNA 2004 *Official Bootleg*
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Live at the DNA
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Live at the DNA

Live at the DNA 2004 *Official Bootleg*


Live album
Release date:
January 1st, 2005
Catalog ID:
NB 1585-2
Nuclear Blast
None yet
1. Intro / Scar Spangled Banner 07:25   Show lyrics
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2. Blacklist 05:58   Show lyrics
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3. Shroud of Urine 04:37   Show lyrics
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4. Forward March 07:17   Show lyrics
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5. Culling the Herd 05:58   Show lyrics
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6. Sealed with a Fist 03:41   Show lyrics
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7. Throwing Down 05:00   Show lyrics
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8. War Is My Shepherd 04:49   Show lyrics
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9. Tempo of the Damned 04:25   Show lyrics
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Only available through Nuclear Blast shop and iTunes.
Was also released as a bonus CD of the 'Tempo of the Damned' deluxe edition 2-CD.

Video1: War Is My Shepherd 4:32
Video2: Throwing Down 4:32

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