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Slow Death


Release date:
April 2nd, 2012
Catalog ID:
Producciones Malditas
None yet
1. The End 01:31   instrumental
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2. No Rules No Kisses 03:49   Show lyrics
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3. Fight My Cock and Your Palate 04:20   Show lyrics
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4. Like a Rat 04:00   Show lyrics
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5. Creating Addicts 06:25   Show lyrics
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6. World's Cancer 03:04   Show lyrics
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7. Ensure My Safety 05:21   Show lyrics
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8. She Begs for Mercy 04:46   Show lyrics
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9. Push the Button 03:49   Show lyrics
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10. The Desire of Darkness 05:13   Show lyrics
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11. The Stark Reality 05:28   Show lyrics
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12. You Lose Your Life 03:41   Show lyrics
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13. No Solution 04:50   Show lyrics
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Band members
Victor Tello Bass
Pablo Vergara Drums
Rafa Las Heras Guitars
Pablo Tello Guitars
Amando Milla Vocals
Zyrus Vocals (additional)
Miscellaneous staff
Juanjo Castellano Cover art
David G. Álvarez Producer
Zyrus Vocals (additional)
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Co-released with Art Gates Records.

Spanish release date: 2nd of April 2012
European and worldwide release: 6th of April 2012

Official music video:
— "No Rules No Kisses"

Recording information:

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Darkest Studios, Valencia, Spain, August 2011.
Produced by David G. Alvarez and Exodia.


Barcode: 8437011271969

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