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Deadly Frost / Exmortum > The Nightstalker / Ritual Surgery
Deadly Frost / Exmortum - The Nightstalker / Ritual Surgery
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Ritual Surgery
Exmortum discography (all)
Ritual Surgery

The Nightstalker / Ritual Surgery

Deadly Frost / Exmortum

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Krew Diabła
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1. Deadly Frost - Nunfuck Rites 04:55  
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2. Deadly Frost - The Nightstalker 03:18  
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3. Deadly Frost - Death Reborn 03:49  
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4. Deadly Frost - Venom in the Eye of God 03:24  
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5. Deadly Frost - Tormentor (Kreator cover) 02:38   Show lyrics
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6. Exmortum - Cremator of the Sky 06:35  
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7. Exmortum - DeadColdMeat 03:38  
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8. Exmortum - Panzergoat 04:08  
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9. Exmortum - Ritual Surgery 04:44  
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10. Exmortum - The God's Faeces (Sarcófago cover) 04:00   Show lyrics
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Deadly Frost
Moloch Bass
Darkness Guitars
Daren Drums, Vocals (backing)
Necronosferatus Vocals
Transgressor Zaebos Guitars
Tormentor Yuggoth Vocals
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Due to a printing mistake there is wrong contact given for Exmortum in the booklet of the "The Nightstalker/Ritual Surgery" split. The correct contact for Exmortum is: [email protected]

Official Distribution: Malignant Voices and Under the Sign of Garazel Productions and Thrashing Madness Productions

Recording information:

"The Nightstalker" was recorded between 30.04-01.05 (drums and guitars) and 30-31.07 (bass and vocals) 2011 anno bastardi.
Mastered and mixed by M. on 23-25.10.2011

"Ritual Surgery" recorded and mastered by Exmortum in Chambers of Rites and Passages a.s. 2010-2011


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