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Exmortis > Descent into Chaos / Immortality's End
Exmortis - Descent into Chaos / Immortality's End
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Descent into Chaos / Immortality's End


Release date:
July 2010
Catalog ID:
Shockwerks Media
8 copies
None yet
1. Intro  
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2. Lords of Abomination  
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3. Exmortis  
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4. Pathogenic Silence  
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5. Immortality's End  
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6. The Resurrection  
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7. Beyond the Realms of Madness  
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8. Casual Killing  
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9. Outro  
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In 2010 Brian Werking bought the trademark to the name Exmortis because it was available and new music was beginning to churn out again. Eight (8) original versions of this re-mastered combination of Descent Into Chaos (Demo 1988) and Immortality's End (Demo 1989) were mailed out in July of 2010.

Recording information:

Produced by Zak Mabie and Exmortis

Remastered by Brian Werking in June, 2005

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