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Primal Exhale


Release date:
June 17th, 2005
Catalog ID:
SRP 033
Version desc.:
Sound Riot Records
2 reviews (avg. 81%)
1. Temptation Wasteland 04:57   Show lyrics
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2. A Moment in the Spotlight 04:13   Show lyrics
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3. Reality Bends 06:32   Show lyrics
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4. Dire Waters 05:13   Show lyrics
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5. Stage of Lies 05:35   Show lyrics
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6. Heart and Home 04:17   Show lyrics
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7. Megalomania 05:53   Show lyrics
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8. My Legacy 05:58   Show lyrics
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9. Obsession to Prosper 07:56   Show lyrics
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10. Luopio 03:44   Show lyrics
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Band members
Jarmo Pääkkönen Vocals
Kimmo Hänninen Guitars
Tero Vaaja Guitars
Timo Sahlberg Bass
Henri Pirkkalainen Drums
Jarmo Myllyvirta Keyboards
Miscellaneous staff
Arttu Sarvanne Mixing, Producer
Jon Blamire Mastering
Arttu Sarvanne Mixing, Producer
Jon Blamire Mastering
Read Very cool and fun PM 81% Noktorn May 19th, 2011
Read A Moment in the Spotlight 80% Sargon_The_Terrible August 26th, 2007

Recording information:

Produced and mixed by Arttu Sarvanne & Excalion.

Recorded and engineered at Watercastle Studios in Finland.


Barcode: 5044845910334

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